Steelsir Singles Day Savings & Deals 2017

This year’s Singles Day is on the second Saturday in November (11.11). The term “双十一” or “Double 11” marks Singles’ Day for the Chinese. The deeper meaning is bachelors are les busy so just buy thing more. Almost all businesses will launch a variety of promotional activities on that day. So it also called the China’s Black Friday.

Of course, our company is no exception. You will enjoy many savings & deals, such as Save Up To 50% Off, Buy One Get One Free, Free Shipping, and so on.

As described next:

1. Buy at 11am
Coat save up to 50% off
2. Buy at 12pm

shirt save up to 40% off on double 11

3. Buy at 13pm

shirt save up to 40% off

4. All Day Deals:

What’s more, you can enjoy some discount in advance now.

Stay Tuned to Steelsir’s 11.11 Shopping Festival!

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